Going in to it, I knew a new house would come with lots of expenses — moving, appliances, special touches and of course decor. I also know area rugs are expensive, but that didn’t stop me from being shocked when it came time to shop.

I’ll let you reap the benefits of my labor, though, because a few months later here I am with all my rugs purchased (HA! I wish. But most of them anyway).


Ah, HomeGoods. My friend, my foe, all in one. Make sure you’re not hungry/hangry/grouchy before you go — but a world of savings and cheap decor await you!

I didn’t snag anything this time around, but in our previous rental, this 5×8 beauty only ran me $78.

(Fun side bar! This rug was featured in the Wayfair shopping tent in the new season of Trading Spaces!)

They do have a website, but unfortunately you can only shop in store. I still had fun browsing their inspiration section, though.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Now this one caught me by surprise. I had been searching high and low for a deal on a particular rug but wasn’t satisfied with any prices I was seeing. Beyond that, my biggest peeve about buying large items online is how difficult it can be to return.

Of course, with BB&B, I can just jam this 8×10 wonder in my car and return it. But that won’t happen, because I love it, and at $175 it was a total steal. Don’t forget to use a 20% off coup for an even better deal. Also? Free shipping!


I hate to even list Amazon for so many reasons, the biggest one being I hate purchasing rugs, furniture and other big-ticket items without getting a chance to feel it. Curtains are one thing since they’re easier to return, but I don’t want to get dinged with a return fee for a large item. That said, if I had to pick between Amazon, Wayfair and Rugs.com for a cheap rug source, I’ll always go with Amazon. Based on my research, it seems most customers have a better return experience with Amazon compared to Wayfair and RugsUSA.com.

My biggest Amazon tip (really for anything) is to check the Amazon Warehouse Deals section first. When you search (on a desktop anyway), click the pull down menu just to the left of the search bar and select “Amazon Warehouse Deals.” Then you can peruse to your heart’s content!


I know, I know. I just said I’d pick Amazon over this site. BUT, my only caveat is if you are 1000% sure you’re going to keep the rug. Because RugsUSA does have really good deals, which are often further deepened by coupon codes. However, everything I can read about reviews makes it seem annoying and costly — so fair warning.

Personally, I’d only by a rug from here if I’d previously seen it in person at a different store.


What did I miss? What are your best places to find area rugs?


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