I know, I know. Most of you read the title of this post and cringed. Don’t worry! I’ll only show one variation of the “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster that has been altered in every way imaginable.

Those war-time motivational posters were released in Britain in 1939, just before the country entered the second World War. Truly they had a different meaning then, what with air attacks targeting Britain, than they do today (because, why? The bottle of Sriracha is empty?).

Source: keepcalmstuido.com

However, like most vintage motivational posters, I realize it can ring true in certain modern-day situations. Does it both anyone else, though, that a truly inspirational phrase and poster has been reproduced and altered so many times it’s become an annoyance?

Just my two cents for this Monday. And don’t get me wrong — it is good advice. For anyone interested, I find keeping calm and carrying on is much easier when done in conjunction with these exercises: www.doyogawithme.com