I spent all of last weekend in Ann Arbor, Michigan finding the best places to eat and shop (oh…and visit with friends 😉 I know you’re mostly interested in the best vintage shops, so here goes:


1.) The Getup Vintage

Photo from The Getup Vintage Facebook page

This was hands down my favorite shop. I spent a good hour perusing the racks and trying on dresses. I snagged two 1950s numbers and left many, many behind for all of you to go find. Best part? The sweet owner is a former Chicagoan. You know they have good taste 😉


2.) Harmony Underground

Harmony Underground is one part vintage, one part eco and one part handmade. I was a little unsure about this place at first, as you have to loop around quite a bit to get down into the basement of the building where it’s housed. Once you get there, though, there’s plenty to look at.

I’m kicking myself for not snapping photos there, but they have a good amount of vintage — all for under $20. Definitely worth a trip, especially since it’s right near The Getup Vintage!


3.) Encore Records

I left the record-scrounging to my friends, who hopped over to Encore Records. Their website is super lacking, but the store is full of the good stuff. We didn’t make it over there, but I’ve also heard great things about Underground Sounds.

Those are my top three vintage and record shops to get yourself to next time you find yourself in Ann Arbor. And I would be remiss not to mention the fact that we ate at Zingerman’s twice. TWICE. The best sandwich, bagel and everything that I’ve ever eaten. Go there, please.