How’s your mending pile looking these days? Mine’s horrendously huge. Or maybe you don’t like or know how to mend clothes, so even if it’s your favorite shirt that’s damaged, it’s to the donate or trash pile.


No more! I’m taking a stand against my wardrobe. It’s taken me too long to find the types of clothes I like to simply say goodbye when they get damaged. This new series will present interesting ways to “save” clothes that seem past their prime.

Let’s meet the offender, shall we?


Not too bad, right? Super wrinkled, yes. But take a closer look:

Super boring hem line.
A huge gash! Courtesy of my clumsy self.


The tear wasn’t on a seam or in an easy-to-hide place, so I wandered around the thrift store for inspiration. Found this lil guy that was free with a coupon:


It was almost too cute to cut into, but I did it for the sake of my skirt. Along with some black bias tape, I got to work re-lining the hem, covering new buttons with fabric and attaching them, and making a few black and white checked rosettes to hide the tear.

amy-and-angie-wardrobe-redeux-2 amy-and-angie-wardrobe-redeux-3

I think it’s not half bad … in fact I really like it!


Do you have anything that seems ruined but maybe just needs some tlc? Share it with me — I’d love to swap ideas!