Even though I am striving for a more simplified life, I can’t help but be drawn in by beautiful things I see everywhere (in stores, on Amazon, etc.)

Rather than try and cram everything into our small apartment, I thought it’d be a little wiser to share them here. That way we can all “ooh and ahh” together, and then those of us who have room can partake 🙂

1.) Reusable Berry Baskets

These. are. adorable.

amy-and-angie-berry-basket 2
Creative Co-op Stoneware Berry Baskets, Multicolor, Set of 4

Truth be told, I’d want a set of teal and white, but this color combination still makes me happy. Can’t you see storing loose fridge items in these?


2.) Everything Mason Jar

I’ve loved canning since high school, and even though I don’t get to it as much as I used to, I still really like the look of mason jars. I’ve tracked down a whole collection of kitchen items that I’d love to see in my house one day.

Mason Jar Measuring Cups
Mason Jar Ceramic Spoon Rest
Mason Jar Ceramic Utensil Crock


3.) Lace Boot Cuffs

I might actually give these guys a whirl since they a) are super cheap and b) would take up hardly any room.

amy-and-angie-lace-boot-cuffs 2
Stretch Lace Boot Cuffs


What color would you try?


4.) ‘Love You More’ Pillow

I’ve been on a throw pillow-sewing kick lately (tutorial coming soon!), but for less than $5, this pillow cover might be worth the time it would save me.

Love You More Throw Pillow Cover

Josh and I are always saying this to each other, so it would also let me win the “argument” once and for all!


5.) Chunky Bib Necklace

Want to know a little secret? My sister and I are a little obsessed with ordering necklaces. They’re usually pretty cheap and give us an easy way to make an outfit unique and interesting. The best part is they hardly take up any space to store.

Chunky Statement Bib Necklace

Another secret? I actually surprised my sister with this necklace in a different color a few weeks ago 🙂


What are the things you’re eyeing this month?