I’ve been in major purge mode this year. It’s great, because it was actually my New Year’s goal to get rid of at least one thing each week. I’ve more than met that and still have a long way to go.

The more a purge, the more I think, “What are my options for where this stuff goes?”

I’ll be answering that question in a series of posts, but for today? It’s all about clothes.


I first heard about clothing consignment sites last year, but didn’t really pay too much attention. I made frequent trips to Goodwill to shop, so usually just dropped any donations off there. Plus, I was keeping almost all my clothes. 

As I define my wardrobe {read: PURGE} the piles of clothes to get rid of has grown substantially. So a few months ago I decided it was time to take the plunge and try selling my old clothes to Twice and ThredUp. I figured I’d give both a try and pick the best for future selling. I rated each company on a few factors.



In terms of accepted brands, ThredUp wins this round. They take the high end stuff, but will also accept your Target, Forever 21 and H&M items.


Here’s what I ended up sending to each company:


  • 1 pair of Old Navy jeans
  • 1 Old Navy bikini top
  • 1 Gap Body swim top
  • 2 pairs of Old Navy shorts
  • 1 H&M dress
  • 1 Old Navy skirt
  • 2 Mossimo sweaters
  • 1 Forever 21 top
  • 1 Studio Y sweater
  • 1 Forever 21 dress
  • 1 Speechless dress


  • 1 Limited blouse
  • 1 NY&Co. blouse
  • 1 pair of American Eagle capris
  • 1 American Eagle dress
  • 1 Banana Republic dress
  • 2 Express long-sleeved t-shirts

All in all, that’s 13 items to ThredUp and 7 to Twice. Yes, I know I sent more to ThredUp, but I think it evens out since I sent more lower end brands there and just a few “higher end” brands to Twice.

ThredUp: 1

Twice: 0

Turnaround Time

Both bag kits arrived pretty quickly, and both were pretty aesthetically pleasing to boot.

amy-and-angie-twice-1 amy-and-angie-twice-thredup-3

Both companies offer an option to print your own label at home (actually, it seems like this is the only option for Twice now). This would considerably speed up the process.

In terms of processing time, Twice wins. They got back to me in less than 10 days, whereas ThredUp took over a month. Also, the money I received from Twice was available a lot quicker. ThredUp takes longer to make and offer, and then they make you wait again after you accept the cash offer.

ThredUp: 1

Twice: 1

The Offer

Twice came back pretty quick with what I thought was a reasonable offer. ThredUp took forever and came back with a really low offer.

My Twice offer
My Twice offer

I really liked that Twice not only listed which items were accepted, but gave reasons for why others weren’t. Nice touch!

Screen shot 2015-07-05 at 9.07.47 PM
My ThredUp offer


ThredUp lists which items they accepted, but don’t give a reason for the ones they didn’t.

Both companies offer to return your items for a fee. Since I was going to get rid of these clothes anyway, I opted to take the money. Twice definitely clinched this.

ThredUp: 1

Twice: 2

My Final Thoughts

I know some people might have a different experience, but overall I would recommend Twice over ThredUp. Not to say I won’t still use ThredUp once in a while, but I’ll only do so for brands Twice won’t accept.

And now some really good news: money to use in either shop! If you visit Twice or ThredUp through this post, you’ll get $10 off your next purchase — and there are some items under $10! I’ll also get the same amount, so we both win! Give it a go and share what you think.


Have you ever used Twice or ThredUp? What’d you think?